real science meets real skincare

EllaMD is a personalized skincare regimen and  pharmaceutical grade cream that  addresses YOUR skin goals. We have 25+ active ingredients that can impact different skin conditions; each formulation will be focused on just a few conditions, but we can reformulate over time and address more.

let's go skin deep(er)

EllaMD changes not only the delivery of dermatologic care, but the science itself. A fundamental principle of pharmacology is pharmacodynamics, the study of how chemical compounds exert an effect upon the body. A major concern in medicine is polypharmacy, the use of multiple different medications at one time, because different compounds can interact with each other with unexpected results. In the modern era of cosmeceuticals, patients frequently apply three, four, or more products in rapid succession, and many of these products contain five or ten biologically active compounds. In polypharmacy, the rate of adverse effects increases dramatically when more than ten medications are used simultaneously.

Yet, there are benefits in treating a problem from different pathways. Combination drugs have frequently been shown to offer enhanced efficacy over monotherapy. This has been demonstrated most dramatically in the infectious disease world, but has also been noted in cutaneous conditions including psoriasis, acne, and vitiligo. In addition to increasing compliance, there may be an effect of synergy, where the end product is more effective than the sum of its parts. EllaMD is the only dermatological system devoted to providing synergistic, highly efficacious treatment, while systematically avoiding unexpected effects of polypharmacy. 


For the past 20 years physicians and patients have been clamoring for personalized medicine. EllaMD offers several unique elements to achieve this goal. Firstly, patients enter their current skincare regimen in its entirety, something that is rarely incorporated into an in-office visit. Using the dashboard, the dermatologist is able to quickly review the patient’s photos and the full list of ingredients in their regimen, thereby giving a better understanding of the baseline and current state of the patient’s skin. Most importantly, when prescribing, the dermatologist has a choice of 25 active ingredients and can create hundreds of customized formulations, personalizing the prescription to a level that otherwise would be impossible.

2. Improved convenience leads to improved adherence...

Multiple studies have shown that less than half of paper prescriptions are ever filled, and although e-prescribing has helped with this process, patients are still forced to go to a pharmacy, where the medication may or may not be in stock to pick up a medication that may not be on-formulary. In the era of high-deductible plans and high co-pays, it is common for a patient to owe hundreds of dollars for their scripts. With EllaMD, there are no surprise denials of coverage, change of formularies, or other surprises to effect compliance. Furthermore, patients have access to their doctors. There are no $50 co-pays or deductibles to be met in order to get a follow-up visit, nor is there a month wait to schedule an appointment. This access benefits the patient but also the dermatologist. Patients can easily provide structured feedback with high-quality photos, and the dermatologist can adjust the plan of care much more accurately than through a phone message taken from the office staff.


3. ... and ultimately, improved outcomes

With EllaMD, patients expect the dermatologist to take over control of their skin, not just treat and send in a prescription. This is a huge benefit to both the dermatologist and the patient. All too often, patients experience adverse effects to cosmeceutical products, namely allergic or irritant contact dermatitis. Products that are never tested together are layered on a patient’s face where unexpected reactions can occur. In the EllaMD lab, the custom formulations are tested before they are ever sent out, and the dermatologist is aware of everything going on to the patient’s face. That said, skin is a complex organ and not every response can be predicted. With EllaMD, the dermatologist (and the patient) can easily monitor the patient’s progress, and can gently tweak the application instructions and /or tweak the application in a manner of minutes. This is a welcome paradigm shift from a world in which patients frequently experience an adverse effect and then wait for a six week visit prior to any change in treatment.